ESTATE Edinburgh    29.5.21. - 26.6.21.        Archive

ESTATE Edinburgh 29.5.21. - 26.6.21. Archive

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North Edinburgh Community Shed

The North Edinburgh Community Shed is a North Edinburgh Arts project which enables adults living in North Edinburgh to engage in woodwork and other crafting activities. Based on the successful Men's Shed movement, but open to all genders, the North Edinburgh Community Shed is a safe and welcoming space where people can come and make and mend stuff for their homes, gardens and communities, can meet friends and make new ones, and have fun while being creative.

More information can be found at the Shed webpage.

Members of the Shed at North Edinburgh Arts visited ESTATE Edinburgh, and then took part in a group discussion on their respomse, lead by the Shed co-ordinator, Rik Hodgson.

Members of The Shed visited ESTATE Edinburgh, and then took part in a group discussion on their response, led by Shed co-ordinator, Rik Hodgson.

This is what they thought.

Images by Penny Donnelly.

The following people took part in this chat:
Penny Donnelly, Bob Graham, Alex French, Richy Pirie, and Dee.

I thought it was brilliant,

Because it was in the dark it brought it more to life.

The wee figures were absolutely fantastic.

I found it very realistic, the sounds were amazing, and the fact that you were deprived of your vision made it more intense because you were seeing everything with your ears, and I found it a really worthwhile experience.

I loved it, I had never seen anything like that before, it was unique, it was immersive, it threw me into what the post-apocalyptic scene was all about, the fog, the sirens, the loud noises, it just made it all come to life.

I hope I never see it for real.

For me it happened, it happened in the 90s when there was power cuts, riots for the poll tax.

The voice was scary - sounded like Maggie Thatcher. My girls (6 and 11) thought it was amazing, they went to see it twice, I didn’t even need to ask them, they were like we want to go again. They had to wait to get in first time and they were getting a bit impatient but when they got in they absolutely loved it. The details that went into it. I mean that must have taken forever!

Did you see the jobbies in the toilets, and the blood splattered all over the place like someone had been killed or something. There was even a thing at the back which said all about headlice.

Yeah I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the miniature TV, it was well thought through, there was a lot of detail in it. If you closed your eyes you could feel it in your body, it was like the fight or flight instinct.

Yeah the rotor blades were like moving your whole body.

It’s alright for you - I had to empty my underpants!!!

Like what you said - it had that apocalyptic feel to it. You know the film Judge Dredd, it was like that kind of feel. And I was like no, I don’t want to live here!

I could have spent ages in there. I went home and put it on my Facebook and other people were like oh we want to go, but that was the last day.