ESTATE Edinburgh    29.5.21. - 26.6.21.        Archive

ESTATE Edinburgh 29.5.21. - 26.6.21. Archive

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ESTATE Edinburgh was presented by L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, and hosted by The Society of Spectacles in association with North Edinburgh Arts.

We remain eternally grateful to the 701 visitors who attended ESTATE Edinburgh. You are now all Children of the Aftermath, and Brenda is your leader.

A million thanks to Sophie Polyviou and Steve Lowe at L-13 for their generosity in enabling us to take care of ESTATE for a few weeks.

Eternal gratitude as well to Kate Wimpress, Genevieve Kay-Gourlay and all their team at North Edinburgh Arts for their heroic support, and for making life a lot easier than it could have been.

Thanks to residents in and around North Edinburgh, especially those living next door to where ESTATE was parked, and who lived with its noise and smoky breath for a month.

Gratitude as well to Laura Hird, Gordon Legge and Alex Allen for rising to their SPECTACLE commissions in response to ESTATE in such surprising and wonderfully unexpected ways.

Thanks to Craig West and Nik for repairs and the appliance of science.

Thanks as well to Stephanie Knight and North Edinburgh Arts Writers Group, to Rik Hodgson and everyone at North Edinburgh Community Shed, and to Colm Linnane and all staff and students at Craigroyston Community High School.

Thanks also to Show and Tell Editions, co-publisher of SPECTACLE; The Camera Van for creating the ESTATE trailer; and to Cor Blimey Badges for providing the ESTATE Edinburgh badges.

Big Love as well to Marley, the Avant-Guard Dog, who also proved to be a big hit in the ‘hood.

ESTATE Edinburgh archive website by Mark Reed. Original Society of Spectacles website by Alison Catterall.

Photographs for this site care of _simon_c, Neil Cooper, Anna Derricourt, Penny Donnelly, Natalie Doyle, Jacqueline Houston, isphotographs, maconheights, mundoroz, ramskullvintage, Mark Reed, Jessie Ross, Solar Spaceman, and Buddy Yamaha.

Banner image courtesy of L-13.

The Society of Spectacles was Neil Cooper, Graham Domke, Mark Reed, and Paul Robertson.

And finally, ESTATE Edinburgh would not have happened without The Town Planner himself, Jimmy Cauty, building such an epic experience. Thank you.

Long Live Brenda, and may life be a riot for the Children of the Aftermath forever more.


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L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

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North Edinburgh Arts

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