ESTATE Edinburgh    29.5.21. - 26.6.21.        Archive

ESTATE Edinburgh 29.5.21. - 26.6.21. Archive

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Craigroyston Community High School

Craigroyston Community High School is the nearest high school to North Edinburgh Arts, with many pupils taking part in activities at the centre.

Thirty-one students and staff from the school visited ESTATE Edinburgh on 8.6.21.

Under the guidance of school staff member Colm Linnane, the students took part in a class evaluation afterwards.

This is what they thought.

(Images used courtesy of Craigroyston Community High School)

What one thing did you like best about the exhibition?

The sound effects (Olaf, age 18)
the sound (Siphiwe, age 17)
I liked the houses the most and the way it was layed out (anon, age 16)
The lights and the rooms (anon 16)
The detailed presentation and dispertion of the materials (Fatoumata, age 18)
The part I liked the most about it was how much effort went into the art being an experience rather than just a viewing (Hollie age 17)
The building with the kids in it (Carol Ann, age 15)
The structer (A-L, age 17)

What do you think would have made the exhihibition better

Make the room a bit darker (Olaf)
More variation in the lighting (Siphiwe)
If it was bigger and more room to walk around (anon)
Some background music (anon)
Maybe put it somewhere bigger with more debris (Fatoumata)
Maybe people shouting, would help make it more intense (Hollie)
If the noises wernt as loud as they were (Carol-Ann)
Nothing (A-L)

How did your visit to the ESTATE make you feel?

Excited to see the creative process behind it all and left me feeling inspired (Olaf)
Fun (Siphiwe)
It was very exciting with the smoke and all (anon)
Like being in a different dimension (anon)
Hyper excited and a little self-conscious (Fatoumata)
It made me feel curious about what exactly had happened on the ESTATE (Hollie)
It was a bit weird because you can hear the noise from out side and see the smoke come out the end (Carol Ann)
Good as I like the exhibition (A-L)

What do you think happened to make the ESTATE the way it is?

Some kind of revolution (anon)
Destruction? Attacks? Natural disaster (Fatoumata)
The way it was presented (light and sound) and the fact it was done in a bunker (Hollie)
Kids tryed to take over the world (Carol-Ann)
They tried to take over the world (A-L)

Did the event inspire you to make or create your own art

Yes (75%)
No (25%)

What will you remember most about this event?

The effort put into the work (Olaf)
The art (Siphiwe)
The smoke and the houses (anon)
Each room with the objects inside, the lights and the noise (anon)
The noise and Justin Bieber’s picture in the tiny apartment (Fatoumata)
How unique it was (Hollie)
The flashing lights (Carol-Ann)
It was minted (A-L)